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Water Leak Test was created as a project 16 years ago, in 2003. Our company was approached by automotive representatives to develop and manufacture equipment which could  help  to solve the issues  of timely and reliable detection  of the water intrusion  in the interior of cars. Currently, is our equipment usual part of important vehicle output checking. In 2017, we have prepared this specialized  website for our customers,  where  they can find our products which are our partners' standard, eventually  they  can start to  cooperate on new projects.  We are able to develop and customize Water Leak Test technology  for you,  with best solution and maximum consideration to your requests  and needs.

Our team of specialists is available for you.

Detection of water intrusion by Testers Water Leak Test

Detection of water intrusion by Wick Water Leak Test

Detection of water intrusion by  RFID Wick Water Leak Test


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